The Process of Creating Bent or Curved Glass

Curved and bent glass products for boats, luxury yachts and architectural construction projects are temperamental in design, delivery and installation. We thought we’d give a basic break-down of the steps we follow when helping a client through the process:

1. First Contact

Measuring for bent or curved glassThe first step in the process is for us to learn as much about the client and their desires as we can. We get a full description of the project, the type of glass that will be needed, acquire preliminary measurements, establish the budget and work out a delivery timeline. This way, everyone is on the same page from day-one, and we can ensure that we deliver a precise and accurate bent or curved glass piece for your project, when you need it.

2. Initial Quote

After gathering key information, we break-down the project and provide you, the client, with an initial quote for the project. These initial quotes, however, are not written in stone and are subject to adjustments. Our initial quotes are based on preliminary measurements only. Prior to the commencement of work, we will either request exact models or blue-prints, or ask for on-site measurements (please read our measurement guide for details). On rare occasions, we will visit the site in person to take measurements ourselves.

3. Deposit

Once preliminary design work, measurements and estimates have been completed, we will request a deposit to confirm your commitment to the product.

4. On-Site Visit

Larger projects may require an on-site visit, to ensure a perfect end-result. Pat Healy, the owner of Coastal Curved Glass, will personally visit the project site, take exact measurements and talk to the on-site personnel who will be doing the final install. Pat has travelled all over the world on behalf of his clients including throughout North America and Europe.

5. Confirmation

Our final step before we begin production is one final confirmation call to you, the client. We review with you all the details and fine-points, to double-check that we have not missed anything or over-looked aspects that may affect the final curved or bent glass product.

6. Production

Your custom bent or curved glass productBent glass and curved glass are highly customized products that may take a significant amount of time to manufacture. Time to completion depends on the number of pieces ordered, the intricacy of the bends or shape and the over-all size of the finished product. Coastal Curved Glass is driven by attention-to-detail, as well as a high-standard of excellence. We go through great-length to produce work that is of the same high-level of quality that our client’s are applying to their own projects.

7. Packaging

Upon completion, Coastal Curved Glass packs and prepares your product for shipping, using time-tested methods and practices. We want to make sure that your curved glass or bent glass product is well secured for delivery, to avoid any possible damage during shipping.

8. Shipping

We ship all our curved and bent glass via a first-class, insured shipper. Shipping times and delivery dates depend on the client’s location and budget.

9. Final Invoice

Once the product has left our production facility and is on-route, we will issue the final invoice.

Thanks for doing business with us and good luck with the completion of your project! We are always available by phone, should you have any additional questions or concerns about your bent glass or curved glass product.

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